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About Athens State University

Athens State University, the oldest continuously operating institution of higher education in Alabama, is an upper-division university that meets the needs of students often left underserved in other learning environments. We exclusively serve transfer students — whether they’re returning adult learners or younger undergraduate transfers — and provide them with career-focused education that will prepare them to enter the workforce. 

Our faculty members are uniquely attentive to the needs of both students and employers, and they develop curricula to serve each group equally. Students graduate from Athens State with the confidence to seize control of their careers and find success in their professional endeavors.

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Our degrees are specifically designed to meet employers’ needs.

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We’ve cultivated an environment that welcomes students of all kinds, wherever they are in their lives, and gives them the support they need.

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80% of Athens State alumni are employed in Alabama within one year after graduating.

Get Your Degree While You Work

We understand that life happens outside the classroom — and that school isn’t your only priority. That’s why Athens State has designed courses specifically for adult learners who need to balance their studies with personal and professional responsibilities. We serve students who prioritize value and efficiency in education and want to eschew the typical college experience for more affordable, flexible, and career-focused degrees. With our online modalities and flexible program lengths, we allow you to craft a learning experience that works best with your life. 

Bachelor’s Degrees

The traditional undergraduate experience wasn’t built for every student. Some students, whether they’re young adults transferring in the middle of their studies or lifelong learners returning to complete a degree, need a more personal and career-focused education. At Athens State University, our transfer-friendly online bachelor’s degrees give students an opportunity to finish their undergraduate education in a supportive, welcoming environment that prepares them for the job market.

Graduate Degrees

At Athens State University, we’re fiercely committed to our students’ lifelong success. Whatever they choose to study, Athens State graduate students experience a career-focused curriculum that prepares them to meet the needs of modern employers and poises them for lasting professional fulfillment. Our affordable tuition, flexible online format, and varied program lengths provide a truly accessible education to our graduate students, allowing them to balance their studies with their busy lives.

Our Online Programs

Fiercely Dedicated Faculty

Our faculty members pride themselves on their unparalleled availability, and our small classes — typically around 18 students — deliver a personalized learning experience. Whether through extended office hours or one-on-one tutoring, they put in extra time to ensure students are primed for academic and career success. Plus, 98% of our faculty members have industry experience and joined academia with the goal of using their professional expertise to help students succeed.

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