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An occupational health and safety specialist holding a clipboard stands in a warehouse.

How to Become an Occupational Health and Safety Specialist

A “safe workplace is sound business,” according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The people tasked with ensuring the safety of workplaces, and therefore the soundness of businesses, are known as occupational health and safety specialists. These professionals dedicate themselves to keeping work environments safe for employers, employees, and the community.   Those interested…

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An occupational health and safety technician in a warehouse consults a tablet.

4 Careers and Salaries With an Occupational Health and Safety Degree

Safety is crucial in the workplace. Occupational health and safety specialists are always in demand to work behind the scenes in almost any field to guarantee employees’ safety. Without someone to identify risks and enforce safety regulations, workplaces would crumble. Entry-level occupational health and safety degree salaries are competitive, with strong potential for growth. Additionally,…

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A technology manager standing in a server room points to a clipboard with a coworker.

What Can I Do With a Technology Management Degree?

Thinking of an IT professional might bring to mind someone who sits behind a desk all day writing code and fixing computers — but technology management is much more. From managing teams creating digital applications to maintaining the security and stability of a data center, the possibilities are vast.  As businesses and organizations rely increasingly…

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What Can You Do With a Homeland Security Degree?

The mission of homeland security is both simple and complex, according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security: keeping America safe. Within that broad goal fall a wide range of activities and duties. A threat to Americans’ security could be a terrorist attack, a hurricane, cybercriminals, or human traffickers. That’s one reason DHS is the…

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Homeland security professionals in a control room standing in front of a digital world map.

Homeland Security Training and Degree Requirements for 2022

In response to threats ranging from online misinformation and cybercriminal activity to mass shootings and targeted attacks on individuals, groups, and critical infrastructure, the nation’s security needs are constantly evolving. Communities across the U.S. also face threats from natural disasters, such as extreme storms, earthquakes, and intense heat. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)…

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A security analyst working on a laptop in a server room.

What Is Corporate Security?

The idea of security is commonplace in our everyday lives, whether in the form of guards at banks or deadbolt locks on front doors. As the world adapts to developing technology and society, security remains an ever-evolving field. What is corporate security, and how can professionals in this field prevent disasters? Since the rise of…

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post pandemic supply chain shortage

The Post-Pandemic Supply Chain Shortage

Disruptions to supply chains can create chaos that negatively impacts the price and availability of a good or service — an impact that, unfortunately, can be felt by consumers. The supply chain shortage that emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic has shown what can happen when supply chains are broken. It has also presented a unique…

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A supply chain manager holding a tablet in a warehouse.

Supply Chain Management vs. Finance: Which Degree Is Right for You?

Finance has long been a popular major for many business students, particularly at the graduate level. However, as global supply chains and logistics have gained greater prominence in recent years, supply chain management has emerged as an appealing alternative for those seeking an advanced education.

A human resources manager is reviewing a resume while conducting an online interview with a job candidate on a laptop.

How to Become a Human Resource Manager

appreciation, human resource (HR) managers play a vital role in an organization’s success. They not only match the best people to the right jobs but also cultivate workplace cultures in which employees can thrive, reducing turnover and driving up profits.

A logistics manager and a factory worker looking at a tablet in a warehouse.

Supply Chain Management vs. Logistics: What’s the Difference?

Supply chain management and logistics are two distinct functions. Having said that, they are also related and share similarities — including a strong demand for skilled professionals in each role. Supply chain management (SCM) is an umbrella term for the network of manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, wholesalers, and other parties involved in the production and delivery…

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